Inline Blending Systems

Precise, reliable, continuous blending at the touch of a button

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What is BlenZer?

Statco-DSI’s BlenZer is a continuous inline blending system optimized for the beverage industry. It’s an automated, modular system comprised of metered ingredient streams to bring quick product changeover and incredible blending accuracy to your production facility.

BlenZer can replace and outperform almost any traditional batch processing equipment, and do so with a much smaller footprint. It eliminates the need for batch tanks or vessels, simplifies your operation, and delivers repeatable accuracy.

What Are BlenZer's Benefits?

When compared to traditional batch processing, BlenZer’s proven automated technology offers two major performance improvements: minimal changeover time and Six Sigma blending accuracy. 

Virtually Zero Changeover Time – What if changing products was as simple as flipping a switch, or turning on a faucet? In a very simplistic view, BlenZer can do just that for your production lines.

Six Sigma Blending Accuracy – BlenZer uses mass meter-based blending instrumentation to ensure blended product falls within specifications, every time. Due to BlenZer’s fully automated operation, human error is eliminated and variation in product quality is reduced significantly. 

Whichever measure is most important to your business – ABW, ABV, Proof, CO2 Volumes, Brix –  BlenZer’s advanced and realtime measuring is there to meet your demands and requirements. 

Is BlenZer right for my facility?

Here at Statco-DSI, we pride ourselves on our commitment to partnership and providing the best solution for our customers. If your facility is currently using batch processing and producing a handful or more of products that require changeovers on a regular basis, there’s a high likelihood BlenZer will save time, money, and impact your bottom line.

We’d love to get to know you, your product, and your facility better. If you’d like to know more about how BlenZer might help achieve your goals, please contact us

Traditional Batch Processing
Load hand-add ingredients for a single batch, fill batch tanks with bulk ingredients, mix/blend batch, sample, send product to product tanks or fillers, clean batch tank, repeat process.
Total Time: 85 Minutes
BlenZer Inline Blending
Connect ingredients for the entire production day, BlenZer auto-meters & blends in real-time, BlenZer sends precisely blended product to product tanks or fillers.
Total Time: 15 Minutes

Reclaim time in your operation. Learn more about how BlenZer can work for you. 

At the heart of every Statco-DSI BlenZer inline blending system is zero button changeover technology.
These automation features lower operation costs and improve line efficiency.
Carbonated soft drinks
Integrated Production Scheduling Software
  • Operator pre-loads full production day all at one time
  • Completes proper cleaning regimen between all flavor changes
Automated Syrup Room Integration
  • Selects syrup room tank by recipe
  • Controls all syrup tank functions once tank has been QC approved
  • Transfers critical control/QC parameters during tank acquisition
Automated Filler Integration
  • Controls filler during all cleaning and changeover operations
Automated Syrup-to-Water Interface Detection
  • Ensures in spec blending for sugar and diet recipes

Specifics of BlenZer’s Benefits

Maximize Product Yields

  • Auto Brix blending recovers out of spec syrup
  • Standardized blends; less product wasted on startup
  • No-dump start; adjusts blend to display water residual in filler
Ensure Product Quality

  • Precise mass meter-based blending
  • Standardized blends
  • Syrup reservoir recirculation up to syrup injection point
  • Product tank recirculation up to filler inlet
Improve Line Efficiency

  • Zero changeover time
  • Production-ready before product tank or filler is rinsed

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From our beverage engineering center in St. Louis, we design and manufacture blending systems for a wide variety of products including:


  • Mineralized Water & Flavored Water
  • Juice
  • Power Drinks
  • Electrolyte Drinks
  • Carbonated Soft Drinks


  • High Gravity Beer
  • Alcohol Blending
  • Quick Change/Low Loss Molecules
  • Flavored Malt Beverages
  • Hard Seltzers


  • Table Syrup
  • BBQ Sauce

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