Processing equipment for milk, ice cream, yogurt, cheese, whey, coffee creamers, cream and sour cream.

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Statco-DSI has strong roots in the dairy industry with a focus on fluid milk processing. Today, dairy comprises approximately 40% of our overall business and a large portion of that is in milk. We have expertise in all types of pasteurization methods including our own Therma-Stat ESL/Aseptic processing system.

High temperature, short time (HTST) processing, a proven technology with lower costs and risks compared to other methods, is our specialty. While HTST processing is standard in the industry, each system has its own unique set of challenges; we’ve built our reputation on solving them.

As the need for longer shelf life has increased, so has the demand for ultra-high temperature (UHT) processing. Your choice of two UHT classifications — Extended Shelf Life (ESL) or Aseptic – is determined by your end-product needs. All facets of equipment selection for UHT processing are critical and our vast experience will help you with these decisions.

Whether you’re processing your milk using a standard HTST system or you’re interested in venturing into the long life UHT market, we have a long reference list of satisfied clients. Let’s add you to that list.

Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of America’s favorite treats. Statco-DSI can help you optimize your process to keep up with demand for delicious novelties, soft serve and hard ice cream.

Introducing your flavors and mix-in ingredients is critical for product integrity and customer satisfaction. Whether your mixing process utilizes a shear pump, a liquefier or an agitated tank, we can ensure that your recipe of sweeteners, stabilizers, emulsifiers and flavorings is precise and your ice cream mix is consistent.

Our extensive experience with pasteurization and homogenization is what we’ve built our business on. Let us help you build yours.


One of the hottest trends in the dairy industry is yogurt, Greek yogurt in particular. Marketing generally promotes the health and digestive benefits yogurt introduces to a consumer’s diet. Greek yogurt also touts a high amount of protein which is attractive for athletes and consumers who prescribe to a protein rich diet.

Statco-DSI has spent thousands of man hours expanding yogurt processing facilities from the industry’s largest national and international brands to smaller regional processing facilities. We have designed all aspects of the process including milk receiving, storage silos, pasteurization systems, fermentation, separation, standardizing, cooling, flavor blending and packaging.

Whether it is packaged in individual single-use containers or in large industrial packaging for use as a base for dips and sauces, all yogurts are not the same and require different processing methods. We customize your process for your specific product needs.


Cheese manufacturing is a natural extension of our history in milk processing. We understand that making cheese is a specialized craft and we pay particular attention to what you want to see in your process and product. Factors such as pasteurization, multiple SKU’s and large or small batch processing can impact the process design and equipment specification.

Whether your specialty is Asiago, Blue or Cheddar cheese, you can rely on Statco-DSI’s fundamental understanding of your processing needs.


In the past, whey, a byproduct of cheese production, was considered to have little value and was generally either disposed of or fed back to cattle. Today, whey protein is an important food additive ingredient and whey protein isolates are essentials in sports drinks as well as protein bars and shakes.

Whey fractionation which yields high value lactoferrin and other protein isolates has become the new standard for cheese processors. Statco-DSI designs and integrates high efficiency, thermal-balanced systems for concentrating raw whey into high dollar saleable items.


Liquid coffee creamers come in an ever increasing assortment of popular flavors in both refrigerated and shelf stable product lines. From plain old vanilla to seasonal blends to branded-product replica flavors, a wide variety of SKU’s add a degree of complexity to your process schedule. Uptime is critical to deliver a consistent supply to your customers.

System upgrades are our specialty. We can make production improvements to your pasteurization system, enhance your mix and blend system for thorough emulsion of your cream, sweeteners and flavorings or design efficient product distribution to multiple fillers for single-use, pints or warehouse club-size packaging.

Think of us as an equipment barista for all of your processing needs. Special orders are welcome.


Proper handling and optimum system performance are essential to reducing shrink while maintaining high quality and whip-ability for end users.

Gentle handling of cream products and properly dealing with inherent cream issues—such as latent heat of crystallization – is definitely in our wheelhouse. Whether you’re interested in cold-bowl separation coupled with pasteurization or UHT processing, Statco-DSI can provide you with the best technology in the marketplace to maximize yield and produce the highest quality product for optimal consumer appeal.

Sour Cream

Sour cream processing utilizes cream from cow’s milk that is pasteurized and cultured at a specific temperature in a controlled environment. This process thickens the product and gives it its unique flavor.

Statco-DSI can assist you with all facets of sour cream production—from high efficiency HTST pasteurization through culturing, cooling and transfer. We have also developed a unique method of texturizing the sour cream via shear blending to improve product consistency and to produce a smooth yet thick mouthfeel preferred by processors and end-users alike.