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Complete Support for Cold Processing & Beverage Blending

Whether you are a start-up, a well-established craft brewery or a market leading brand - you can benefit from Statco-DSI’s expertise in the cold press industry. Our catalog of high-quality equipment ranges from complete systems to process units to components. From our brewery engineering center in St. Louis and our local engineering and fabrication shops nationwide, we can help you maximize production and ensure beverage blending quality.

How BlenZerO Works

The Statco-DSI filler changeover module incorporates the unique process of collecting product that might otherwise be lost by reusing the product mix. The design also allows for a faster changeover, and typically brings the total change time to five minutes or less.

Blenzero Key Features
  • Low product loss and increased yields
  • Fast changeovers and increased efficiencies
  • Fully automatic operation which reduces operating costs and increases repeatable safe operation
  • The system is fully enclosed which results in reduced DO pickup
  • Optional CIP add-on available
  • FDA compliant, T-304 SS construction
  • The small 12’x7′ footprint easily fits into tight spaces without platforms or ladders
  • The BlenZer0 beverage blending system works well not only with beer, but with flavored malt beverages, soft drinks, and still drinks

Automated mix proof valve systems

Semi-automated pipe fences

Both systems are designed to streamline installation and ensure performance.

  • Compact swivel fence systems
  • Prefabricated valve matrixes and pipe fences
  • Pre-wired manifolds and fences
  • 24V, ASI or DeviceNet™ feedback
  • FAT completed before shipping


  • BlenZer0 can easily be integrated into any existing process
  • Less energy is required compared to other brands which reduces installation and capital costs
  • A two-stream mass metered injection delivers an accurate mass transfer ratio
  • Fast feedback minimizes variance in quality parameters

Dry Hopping

  • Fully portable for manufacturing flexibility
  • Improved flavor, aroma, and efficiencies
  • Easy setup and operation with options including:
    • Auto CO₂ purge sequence
    • Proportional hop-to-beer flow
    • Fully automated delivery system
  • Zero dissolved oxygen pickup
  • American-made

Yeast Management

  • Storage
  • Injection
  • Harvest
  • Propagation


  • Multi-stream dosing without blending tanks save space and energy
  • Mass meter ratio dosing ensures accuracy which improves quality and extends product yields
  • Fast-acting proportional control quickly adjusts to errors


  • BlenZer0 is fully cleanable without take down and requires less cleaning chemicals, water, and utilities to get the job done
  • Automatic Operations
    • An operator does not need to be present during the changeover
  • Increased product yield
    • Near zero loss on filler changeover
    • Product specifications are met before the mixture is sent to the filler, no filler dumps are required
  • Increased production efficiency
    • “Rinse while blending” feature allows the system to complete concurrent operations minimizing system downtime

Selected control system partners are matched to your project requirements. Control system partners include:

  • Turnkey control systems
  • System design and electrical drawings
  • Logic and operator interface programming
  • Electrical installation
  • Commissioning and start-up
  • Turnover documentation

Statco-DSI has grown to be the largest sanitary component distributor in the United States, representing over 100 leading manufacturers. We are the number one distributor for Anderson Instruments, Fristam Pumps, and Südmo Valves.

Pumps, Pump Carts, & Valves

  • Single Seat
  • Mix Proof
  • Butterfly


  • pH, CO₂, O₂
  • Alcohol
  • Mass Flow
  • Turbidity
  • Temperature
  • Pressure

Filtration, Hoses, & Spray Devices

  • Static
  • Rotary