Our goal is to minimize the burden on our customers of performing needed maintenance and optimize the full resources of Statco-DSI to provide these services for them.

Keeping in mind your productivity and efficiency, we offer you emergency parts 24/7/365 and emergency technical service from experienced field service technicians located nationwide.

Statco-DSI is your full-service project and system design resource.

With the help of our sales and engineering teams, our third party certified sanitary process field installation crews are well-prepared before stepping onto your job site.

Refrigeration in food and dairy processing operations is a critical part of producing safe and high quality consumer products.

Our field crews will assist you with start up, making sure your equipment is performing within specifications and troubleshooting any problems that may occur.

If you are bringing a new piece of equipment on line or starting up a complete system, your operators will be trained on the features of the equipment, troubleshooting techniques and maintenance.