AccuO2 for Blenzer - Deoxygenation (DO) System

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Statco-DSI introduces the AccuO2 Deoxygenation (DO) System for BlenZer continuous in-line blenders. The AccuO2 system injects nitrogen gas to remove dissolved oxygen from water and other ingredient streams prior to blending. In-line oxygen sensors in the final product and ingredient streams provide real-time adjustment of the injected gas in order to maintain the product DO specification, avoiding wasteful over-injection.

This patent-pending method of actively controlling blended product DO is the first of its kind. Large utility savings are achieved over leading competitors using CO2 by using the more economical Nitrogen. Since AccuO2 is engineered for maximum gas usage efficiency, users may realize a gas savings of more than $75,000/year for a 1,400 cpm system.

If you're looking for versatility in beverage blending – Statco-DSI's BlenZer blend and cleanse system is capable of continuous running of traditional carbonated soft drink products, non-carbonated products, "quasi" syrup products and single-strength products.

Turn to BlenZer for:

  • Better product yields: no-dump start up/end of production
  • Proven blending performance: Six Sigma beverage blend accuracy
  • Zero blender changeover time: sequentially rinses syrup/product modules/filler
  • Water savings: no-seal flush required for syrup/ product or vacuum pumps
Advantages over competing DO systems:
  • First in-line blender to actively control product DO level
  • Engineered for maximum gas usage efficiency
  • Utilizes nitrogen, lowering deox costs by 80-90% over systems using CO2
  • All gas is tracked and controlled – never over/under inject deox gas
  • Save over $75,000 per year, per blender in gas usage compared to leading competing system