Fabricated Products

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Statco-DSI’s fabrication shops are fully equipped welding and production facilities geared to meet dynamic customer needs. We design and produce high quality products that can meet stringent deadlines with our experienced staff of professional welders and engineers.

Our shops have the flexibility for fast track projects, as well as the capacity to provide custom components and systems, quickly and economically.

Some of our past projects include:

  • Pump Bases
  • Skidded Systems
  • Transfer Panels
  • Platforms
Products we fabricate include
  • CIP skidded systems
  • Rotary filler CIP skids
  • HTST skidded systems
  • ESL/Aseptic skidded systems
  • Flow panels/pipe fences
  • Hot water sets
  • Valve clusters
  • Hold tubes
  • Portable tank systems
  • Pump carts
  • Pump stands
  • Special adapters
  • Custom repair work