HopSys - Dry Hopping Systems

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Statco-DSI’s dry hopping module incorporates the unique process of introducing the hop pellet directly in to the beer stream under the liquid level, which helps assure consistent wetting and minimal dissolved oxygen pickup.

  • Low operating height (36”)
  • Safe operation, no blow back
  • Reduced DO pickup
  • Option: Shear to increase hop efficiency

The compact and modular structure of our systems allow for easy installation in to even the tightest of spaces, while seamlessly integrating in to your existing control system without the need for large control panels taking up precious space in your process area.

At the heart of every Statco-DSI HopSys system is the proven liquid ring vacuum pump for both beer and hop conveyance and wetting. The tried and true high shear pump is available optionally to apply a shearing element to the dry hop process.

Safe Operations

  • No need for an operator to scale great heights to add hops to the vessel as the HopSys is desk height and allows the operator to stand with his or her feet securely on the floor
  • No blow back from the fermentation vessel as the hop incorporation occurs under the liquid level as the hops meet the beer

Improve Product Quality

  • Very repeatable hops wetting and dissolution through the controlled addition of hops to the beer

Maximize Product Yield & Efficiency

  • All hops pass through the liquid interface at the same rate assuring that all hop pellets are wetted evenly
  • Optional shear allows for consistent dissolving and greater utilization of the hop pellet
  • Save time with the ability to continually add hops without the need for a batch process


  • FDA Compliant
  • Fully CIP’able
  • T-304 SS Construction

Space Saving Design

  • Small 3’x6’ footprint fits in to tight spaces
  • No platforms required
  • No ladders required
  • No large control panel
  • Easily expandable, stackable for space savings

Utility & Overall Cost Reduction

  • Small funnel requires minimal CO2 for purging
  • No need for extra costly items like platforms or pallet lifts

From our beverage engineering center in St. Louis, we design and manufacture HopSys systems for a wide variety of brewing specific applications.