Processing equipment and systems for water, carbonated soft drinks, juices and smoothies, isotonic sports drinks as well as coffee and tea.

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+ Carbonated Soft Drinks
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Water is a large segment of Statco-DSI’s beverage business including bottled drinking water, ingredient water and process water. We have successfully built entire process facilities for some of North America’s largest bottled water companies. Our expertise covers the process from the water entering the plant to purification to flavors/additives and blending through the final filling step.

Our engineers work closely with you to determine the purification method(s) that will work best for your particular application and product offerings. Membrane filters such as ultra filtration (UF), nano filtration (NF) and micro filtration (MF) are viable options as well as reverse osmosis (RO), carbon filtration and ultraviolet technology.

Whether you need to remove impurities from your water or inject flavors, minerals and other additives, Statco-DSI has the experience to be your clear choice for water processing equipment sales and service.

Carbonated Soft Drinks

Carbonated Soft Drink (CSD) manufacturers like you are a significant part of our beverage business. We focus on your production goals throughout the design, installation and follow-up of every project. From storage of raw materials, to piping, water treatment, ingredient blending and CIP, we have the experience and proven track record to handle projects of all sizes.

Statco-DSI’s Blenzer system is installed in some of the largest soft drink plants throughout North America. The system delivers consistent product quality with high throughput, reduced waste and minimal downtime. Blenzer can be integrated into your existing line or we can build an entire process around it.

Juices & Smoothies

If you manufacture juices, juice concentrates, flavorings or smoothies, we can help with your processing needs. We tailor your production line to fit the type of fruit you’re processing including orange, apple, cranberry, pomegranate, grape or any of the wide variety of mixed flavors.

Juices of all flavors can be a major component of smoothies as well as a wide range of inclusions such as fresh berries, dairy or non-dairy products and vitamins. High-acid and low-acid products and ingredients are handled differently to increase shelf life and maintain the highest product integrity.

Packaging is a major consideration when processing smoothie products. We offer equipment to accommodate most of today’s most popular options including pre-made, ready-to-drink bottled smoothies, aseptically packaged mixes in shelf-stable pouches and boxes for home and barista use or bag-in-box style for commercial applications.

Isotonic Sports Drinks

Isotonic sports drinks have increased in popularity with serious athletes and weekend warriors to help their bodies replenish proper levels of water, sugars, sodium and other electrolytes. The growth in this industry has come from powerful marketing, increased flavor offerings, competitive pricing and proven results in post-exercise recovery.

Statco-DSI has extensive experience in the isotonics industry — from ingredient water filtration to mix and blend systems. We understand that salt and ingredient levels can dictate the type of equipment you need to ensure the long and successful life your process system. Isotonics. We’re in it for the long run.

Coffee & Tea

Consumer demand for on-the-go coffee and tea drinks is growing at a rapid pace. Short of roasting the beans, we have processing for the coffee industry covered — from milk and creamers, to coffee extracts and flavored syrups.

From a concentrate blending system with critical ratio blending to a complete brewed tea system, Statco-DSI has the engineering, project management and professional installation teams required to help you stay competitive.

Whether you are a major manufacturer or a start-up operation, if you want to brew it, we can do it.

Distilled Liquors

Growth in the distilled liquors and spirits industry is based on two key factors: enhanced product offerings from large-scale producers and new small-batch micro-distillers that have sprung up due to eased local regulations.

Statco-DSI supplies custom stainless steel fittings, hoses, valves, filtration equipment, and maintenance items to support any size distillery operation.


Over the past decade or more, the wine industry has grown and spread exponentially across the country. While we began in this industry in our west coast offices, our offices nationwide have wineries of all sizes in their back yards. We understand that every winery is as unique as the assortment of wines it produces.

Whether you have a fully-automated winery or one that is manual in every sense of the word, we can help. In addition to actuated valves and controls programming for fully automated lines, we stock butterfly valves and stainless steel fittings. We also have spray devices for cleaning tanks, COP washers for parts as well as customized sparging tees and CIP systems. Our bottle recovery skid reclaims wine to be rebottled to minimize waste.

Centrifugal transfer pumps, with or without a cart, product strainers, instrumentation for temperature, pressure, level, or recording are all readily available and able to ship in 7-10 days, depending on factory availability. Spare parts and custom sanitary hoses are readily available and typically ship in 1-2 days.