Product packaging is more than just a container for your product. It also is a barrier to contaminants, often including some level of product security with heat seals and other tamper-evident devices. And packaging has become a key marketing tool.

Various packaging sizes offer convenience, economies of scale in production and portion control. These options dictate a variety of product changeover requirements and material handling complexities.

Statco-DSI is your material handling partners. We can take your container from the beginning of your production line all the way to the truck at the loading bay. Along the way, we integrate specialized material handling components and quality control equipment from leading manufacturers to make your line as efficient as possible.

Multiple product SKU’s are not a problem. We can design new systems or update existing ones to cover a full range of product options, production flexibility, packaging variances and filler options.

Model D Case Packer Statco DSI
Case Packer Packaging System from Statco-DSI