Typical milk production includes homogenization to prevent the cream (high fat) and milk (low fat) from separating. Prior to homogenization, fat globules, which weigh less than milk, rise to the top. Product is pumped at extremely high pressure through small valves to pulverize the fat globules. This emulsification results in a smoother product and helps prevent future product separation to extend shelf life.

Homogenization technology is used in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and cosmetics industries as well to provide a smoother product that is less likely to separate over time. Many products used by consumers every day are homogenized — beauty products such as creams and lotions, beverages such as fruit juice, edibles such as baby food and even your daily vitamins and supplements.

Whether your application parameters and product lines require a standard or aseptic homogenizer, Statco-DSI will specify the best model for your needs.

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