Managing the heating and cooling process of food and beverage manufacturing efficiently is critical to consistent product characteristics such as taste, texture and shelf life.

Statco-DSI can help with a wide variety of manufacturing parameters including:

  • Dairy product sterilization
  • Hot fill beverage cooling
  • Cookers and kettles for food products such as soups, pasta and meat
  • Retort applications for canning vegetables, soups and sauces
  • Brewing
  • Clean-in-place

Properly heating food and beverage products is critical to food safety. From thick highly viscous slurries with particulates running thru a tubular or a scraped surface heat exchanger to an HTST system running fluid milk through a plate heat exchanger to our industry leading Therma-Stat ESL/Aseptic system, Statco-DSI has the experience you need to ensure product quality and improve processing efficiencies.

If your application requires cooling, we can build or specify a chiller to provide an optimal cooling media. Keep a cool head when it comes to heat transfer. Contact our engineering team to help make the most of your heat transfer efficiencies.

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