Cleaning & Sanitizing

Cleaning and sanitizing is a critical practice in any processing facility to ensure food safety, increase product integrity and minimize maintenance issues. Product ingredients and processes may dictate specific sanitation schedules, based upon allergens and pathogens or equipment availability can dictate when sanitation can occur.

Statco-DSI regularly designs and installs clean-in-place (CIP) systems. From standalone CIP systems to modular CIP skids and clean-out-of-place (COP) systems for smaller equipment and parts, we work with you to find the optimal solution to properly clean and sanitize your equipment.

A proper mix of time, temperature, sanitizers and agitation is optimal. If your timeline for sanitation is short, a higher level of impingement can help reduce the time involved, as does using the proper temperature and sanitizers for the application. All of this can be programmed in to the systems controls, for one button operation.

We offer spray balls that tie into your CIP system to clean silos, tanks, totes and vessels. To increase the impingement of the “static” spray ball, a rotary jet spray head will generally reduce time and save considerable water and sanitizers.

Some equipment is CIP’able, and the equipment that isn’t, typically must be broken down to clean properly. Portable COP tanks can be equipped with jets, for a higher level of cleaning than a simple soak and scrub can provide. Tell us your goals, and we can assist in offering the best solution.

In addition to sanitizing process equipment, specialty components can be used to clean and sanitize cases, tubs, totes, pans, pallets and trays. These types of components are designed for higher quantities of the same or similar items.

Alternatives to standard sanitizers, such as ozone and ultraviolet technologies, can be used for sanitation but also for sterilizing product/ingredients, equipment, and effluent going to drain.

Statco-DSI can help clean up your sanitation process.