Independent Surge Tank Operation

Statco-DSI’s Therma-Surge aseptic valve solution allows the surge tank on the Therma-Stat to operate independently from the rest of the system to deliver optimum production efficiency. All product valves can be lifted during cleaning (CIP) to ensure product quality.

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Therma-Surge Features Include:

  • Three zone approach, with double block and bleed protection
  • Complete independence of CIP, sterilization and production from the source system
  • All product valves lifted during CIP for thorough cleaning
  • Side inlet valve allows fillers to pull product from the surge tank when the system transitions from product to water or water to product
  • Optical (NIR) phase detection reduces product loss, increases efficiency
  • Cooling water recirculated in outer tank jacket reduces water usage

The 5-zone design provides complete routing flexibility between multiple UHT processors and a common surge tank.

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Therma-Stat & Therma-Surge. They're better together.

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