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Skidded Sanitary Process Systems

Statco-DSI specializes in skidded process systems for the sanitary processing market. With over 35 years of experience, we’ve developed a handful of complete skidded systems for quick implementation into existing, or new, process facilities. Our expertise does not stop there – with a dedicated team of over 150 sanitary process professionals, we can design and manufacture a custom solution that meets and exceeds your needs. 

If our complete systems don’t fit your process, please contact us to discuss a custom design and manufacture project.


Inline Blending System
  • Flagship system with over 100 in operation around the US.
  • Easy integration for any batch-processed product.
  • Automated scheduling with zero-button changeover.


Beverage Inline Blending System
  • Based on the flagship BlenZer platform, but designed for breweries.
  • Near zero beer loss during filler changeover.
  • Fully automated changeover time of 5 minutes or less.


ESL/Aseptic Processing System
  • Product-to-product regeneration reduces energy consumption.
  • Seamless, unrestricted routing maximized production runs.
  • Built in-house with readily-available, domestically-supplied components.


Powder Blending System
  • Small-footprint vacuum pump + shear blender system.
  • Ground-level operation for safe, operator-friendly use.
  • Fully CIP’able design that is easy to clean.


Dry Hopping System
  • Introduces hop pellets directly into the beer stream under liquid level.
  • Design ensures consistent wetting while reducing DO pickup.
  • Configurable with shear pump.

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