OAL Steam Infusion from Statco-DSI

OAL, leading UK food tech, is pleased to announce a new international partnership with Statco-DSI Process Systems, the largest privately held distributor and systems integrator in the United States. The company is now the official distributor of OAL’s Steam Infusion Vaction Pump technology throughout the US. Steam Infusion is a simple, disruptive cooking process that helps food manufacturers overcome many of the challenges they face every day including burn-on contamination, variable product consistency and slow cooking times. By offering Steam Infusion to the US market, Statco-DSI can help American food manufacturers reduce their cleaning and cooking times and energy consumption, increase their cooking capacity and eliminate burn-on and Maillard reactions in a wide variety of food products.

The Steam Infusion Vaction™ Pump is a disruptive device that sits within a cooking vessel, or integrated in-line, and uses steam as the motive force to simultaneously heat, mix and pump liquids with and without particulates. The advanced food processing device can heat 2,204lbs of product from 60°F to 194°F in five minutes with no burn or particulate damage. A Steam Infusion cooking lance can be easily retrofitted into new or existing cooking vessels, while an In-Line Vaction™ Pump can also be fitted directly into the line, typically achieving twice the cooking capacity. Around for over 15 years, the technology and its potential in food production was catalyzed by OAL with a £1 million (~$1.2 million) UK government funded Innovate UK project, together with the University of Lincoln and a leading UK food manufacturer.