ALPMA Partners with Statco-DSI!

We are pleased to inform you that ALPMA and Statco-DSI Process Systems have entered in to an agreement to jointly market ALPMA’s membrane technology in the North American dairy market.  Under the terms of this agreement, ALPMA will supply the engineering know-how and technology skids for membrane applications and Statco-DSI will act as the turnkey integrator of the complete process system.  The partnership offerings will include RO, NF, UF and MF systems across a wide range of dairy applications including pre-processing of milk for dairies, and the further processing of sweet and acid whey in to high quality whey protein products.  Together, utilizing each other’s strengths, North American customers will now have access to ALPMA’s full membrane system applications and Statco-DSI’s nationwide integration capabilities.

ALPMA is a global mechanical engineering company which, in addition to it’s processing technology, also produces cheese making, cutting, and packaging equipment and technology installations for the dairy and food industry.

Statco-DSI is the largest independently owned system integrator in North America providing total solutions and technology skids to the dairy, food, and beverage industry.

For more information please contact Jack Jordan, Juan Postigo, or Conrad Shepard, as always, we invite you to go to our website at