Skidded Systems

HTST Skidded Systems

Are you upgrading an existing facility? Building a new plant? Let Statco-DSI make it hassle free with a skidded process system. We’ve taken years of systems installation experience and developed an approach to turn virtually any system installation into a series of modular skids.


Statco’s Therma-Stat Direct Steam Injection ESL/Aseptic Processing Systems are built with readily available, domestically supplied components for long term ease-of-maintenance and reduced downtime. We build our systems in-house to control the project timeline and ensure on-time delivery. In addition to these key advantages, our systems offer exclusive features:

  • Product-to-product regeneration: raw product heated with ultra-pasteurized product significantly reduces energy usage and system complexity
  • Seamless, unrestricted routing to multiple destinations maximizes production runs and minimizes scheduling conflicts
  • Optimized design performance reduces utility costs, environmental impact
  • Specialized HMI screen graphics and event logging aids in system troubleshooting

Therma-Stat’s smooth, quiet operation extends the life of your system between scheduled preventative maintenance routines. With longer run times, reduced maintenance, and reduced product loss, our ESL/Aseptic systems deliver a maximum return on your investment.

Ozone Injection System

Statco-DSI has the solution to help you produce great tasting beverages that are free from contaminants and have extended shelf life. Our ozone injection system is self-contained and is completely pre-piped and pre-wired for easy integration with our Water Blending System.

Turn to Statco-DSI's ozone injection system for:

  • The ozone set-point is entered from the water blending system operator interface and is controlled with a PID loop
  • Product ozone levels can easily be verified using the sample port next to the dissolved ozone monitor
  • A check valve and automatic ball valve prevent water from entering the ozone generator
  • The ozone generator is also equipped with an internal drain valve to prevent water from entering the generator

Clean-In-Place (CIP)

Add flexibility to your production and tank cleaning schedule with a Clean-In-Place (CIP) System from Statco-DSI.

Our systems are designed for:

  • Reduced downtime – shortest possible heating cycles using steam or hot water
  • Ease of operation – CIP control automatically adjusts flow rate to balance system
  • Durability – system frames constructed of rigid stainless steel structural tubing
  • Quick start up – systems shipped completely pre-piped, pre-wired and pre-tested, ready for installation and commissioning

Design Options:

  • Single tank & multi-tank designs
  • Centralized systems or function dedicated to systems
  • Chemical reclaim option
  • Rinse water recovery option
  • Individually sized for required tank cleaning and flow rates
  • Standard configurations available
  • Valve options include butterfly, single seat, shut-off, mix-proof and diaphragm styles

Material Options:

  • 304 or 304L stainless steel
  • 316 or 316L stainless steel
  • Electropolish and autowelding
  • Other materials are available upon request

Controls & Software:

  • Allen Bradley PLC control available in control Logix, SLC and PLC5 formats
  • Touchscreen operator interfaces with different security levels available, including Intellution, Wonderware, and Panelview
  • Printable CIP reports generated to verfiy and document CIP temperatures, cycle times and operations
  • Options for supply conductivity, flow rate, and PH monitoring and verification available
  • Historical process variable trending available
  • Supply and return temperature probes and return conductivity included on standard system configuration
  • CIP Editor program allows a “build your own” approach to CIP routines, and an easy change of step times, chemical concentrations, and temperature
  • Commissioning, training, and phone modem support included
  • Full documentation provided including material certificates, customer IQ/OQ documents, and operation and maintenance manual

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